Tilting pan cloth alternative for WP tilting devices

Werner und Pfleiderer Bakery Technologies

Previously, in the WP proofing cabinets, mainly cloths were used which were fastened with pegs. These pegs were spray-fixed to the cloth. This results in blocking of the air circulation at the point where the peg is fixed so that it is more susceptible to mildew. Moreover, pegs frequently break during washing.  

CLEANBAKE has developed a clip for tilting pans in WP proofers which is sewed on at the sides. As during the sewing process no welding seam is formed air can circulate without interruption and mildew formation is inhibited. The clips do not break when washed. 

Further benefits applying to all CLEANBAKE products: The special non-stick coating of the cloths extend their useful life and washing cycles compared to cloths without coating. They increase hygiene in the bakery.