Glued tilting pan cloths with mildew-inhibiting coating 

In order to prevent tilting pan cloths from coming off in the proofing cabinet, many bakers use firmly glued felt cloths. The drawback: The cloths cannot be washed, and as they are made from felt, the risk of mildew formation is higher. 

The cloths must therefore be changed frequently, a time-consuming process: It is very troublesome to remove the old cloth and glue the new one to the tilting pan. 

Using CLEANBAKE products saves time and money: Due to their antimicrobial and bacteriostatic coating the cloths stay cleaner and mildew-free much longer and have to be replaced less frequently. 

Moreover, CLEANBAKE also provides tilting pan cloths with adhesive Velcro fasteners. That means, bakers can easily remove, clean and re-fasten bakery textiles.