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Cleanbake Case Stury Trögeltuchalternative für WP Trögel

Cloth alternatives for WP-tilting pans

Werner und Pfleiderer Bakery Technologies

Tilting pan cloths for WP proofing cabinets used to be fastened by means of pegs fixed to the cloth. The points where they were fixed were particularly susceptible to mildew, since air circulation was interrupted at these points. CLEANBAKE has developed a clip which is sewed on at the sides; consequently, it does not interrupt air circulation and is more durable.
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Cleanbake Case Study Geklebte Trögeltücher mit schimmelhemmender Beschichtung

Glued tilting pan cloths with mildew-inhibiting coating

In many proofers felt cloths glued to the tilting pan are used. On the one hand, they cannot come off the pan, but on the other hand, they cannot be washed and are susceptible to black mildew. CLEANBAKE offers cloths that can be glued to the pan which, thanks to their antimicrobial and bacteriostatic coating, inhibit mildew formation sustainably.
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Reinhard Luginger

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