Cloths for tilting pans & liners for proofers

Cloths for deck oven tilting device

When setting dough pieces on the oven they evenly come off the cloth and do not leave any dough residues. No flouring of the cloth is necessary as CLEANBAKE offers anti-stick coating. Baking of conventional bread rolls becomes much easier.

  • simple, even setting
  • no flouring required
  • easy cleaning    
  • inhibits mildew formation

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Material & Equipment

280 gsm mixed fabric (65 % polyester / 35 % cotton)

180 gsm 100% cotton jersey 

520 gsm 100% cotton 

540 gsm 100% polyester 

CLEANBAKE anti-stick coating


To ensure the right fit we need the following dimensions:

  • lengths of tilting pan
  • width of tilting pan

Special dimensions:

We will be pleased to manufacture cloths for tilting pans in your special sizes and according to your dimensions.

Care instructions

CLEANBAKE textiles should be washed in the washing machine at 40°C with conventional washing agents - without using of bleach, oxygen bleach or bleach-containing detergent, and do not use fabric softener. Washing up to 90°C is possible but not necessary. Detailed care instructions are provided in the information leaflet accompanying the product.

Mounting options

  • Velcro
  • fleece
  • no fastener - to be glued in or fastened with a metal clip 
  • sewed as a sleeve
  • with elastic band
  • with snap fasteners
  • further product details

More information

All information on our cloths for tilting pans is provided in our information leaflet.

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