Conveyor cloths

Spare cloth for deck oven setters, Spar cloth for loader

With our cloths, bread and bread rolls can be easily fed into deck ovens. The dough pieces do not stick to the cloth, production is fast and flour-dust free. Customised for your deck oven setter. 

  • entire production is flour-dust free
  • no baker's asthma
  • optimised for all machines
  • water and dirt repellent

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Material & Equipment

520 gsm 100% cotton 

540 gsm 100% polyester 

CLEANBAKE anti-stick coating


To ensure the right fit we need the following Dimensions:

  • width and length of cloth
  • number of eyelets in a row and number of eyelet rows 
  • distance between eyelets (measured from eyelet centre to eyelet centre) 
  • distance of eyelets to edges (top and side)
  • distance from roller centre to roller centre
  • oven manufacturer and model

Special dimensions:

We will be pleased to manufacture conveyor cloths in your special sizes.

Care instructions

CLEANBAKE textiles should be washed in the washing machine at 40°C with conventional washing agents - without using of bleach, oxygen bleach or bleach-containing detergent, and do not use fabric softener. Washing up to 90°C is possible but not necessary. Detailed care instructions are provided in the information leaflet accompanying the product.

Mounting options

The cloth is designed for the fastening options of your machine.

More information

You will find all information on our conveyor cloths in our information leaflet.

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