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Baker´s couches / baguette linen / baguette couches

For producing baguette, the French bread specialty. Their antimicrobial und bacteriostatic effect of the CLEANBAKE coating leave both cloth and dough hygienically clean. No flouring required.

  • no flouring
  • no baker’s asthma
  • inhibits mildew formation
  • non-stick coating

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Material & Equipment

280 gsm mixed fabric (65% polyester / 35% cotton)

180 gsm 100% cotton jersey

520 gsm 100% cotton

540 gsm 100% polyester

CLEANBAKE anti-stick coating


Standard dimensions for couches:

  • 40 x 140 cm
  • 40 x 170 cm
  • 58 x   98 cm
  • 58 x 140 cm
  • 58 x 170 cm
  • 58 x 230 cm

Special dimensions:

We will be pleased to manufacture all baguette cloth in your special sizes.

Care instructions

CLEANBAKE textiles should be washed in the washing machine at 40°C with conventional washing agents - without using of bleach, oxygen bleach or bleach-containing detergent, and do not use fabric softener. Washing up to 90°C is possible but not necessary. Detailed care instructions are provided in the information leaflet accompanying the product.

Mounting options

  • linked only
  • hemstitch

More information

You will find all information on our baguette linen in the information leaflet.

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