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Cleanbak Gärtuch mit Flauschband/Klettband
Proofing cloths and changeover cloths

For all types of proofing boards, peelboards and tilting boards in standard measures or customised.

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Das Cleanbake Wechseltuch als Gärtuch und Baguettetuch
Baker´s couches / baguette linen / baguette couches

Specially made for the production of white bread specialities.

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Das Cleanbake Krapfentuch mit Hohlsaum, ein Gärtuch mit Hohlsaum
Berlin doughnut & doughnut cloths

With eyelets, hemstitch, elastic band, Velcro and other fasteners.

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Cleanbake Belaugungstuch Brezentuch mit Flausch
Baker´s couch / Brining & pretzel cloths

Made from jersey material, blended fabric, cotton or polyester - all of them with non-stick coatings.

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Conveyor cloths

Cleanbake Quertuch für Abziehapparat
Spare cloth for cross setter

For easy, dust-free carriage of dough pieces onto conveyers with lateral / cross setter. Renders your complete production free from flour dust.

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Cleanbake Einschießapparat
Spare cloth for deck oven setters, Spar cloth for loader

Facilitates loading of bread loaves and bread rolls into deck ovens, onto chargers and feed tables. Dough pieces do not stick to the cloth, the production is free from flour dust.

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Cleanbake Miniset Kompaktabzieher
Spare cloth for mini-set compact setter

CLEANBAKE offers cloths with non-stick coating, antimicrobial and bacteriostatic properties also for compact mini setter.

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Cloths for tilting pans &
liners for proofers

Cleanbake Ersatztücher für Gärtrögel
Cloths for all types of proofers

Inhibit mildew formation even in case of high humidity and heat. 

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Cleanbake Tücher für WP Gärtrögel
Cloths for WP proofers

Custom-fit bakery textiles for Werner & Pfleiderer proofing cabinets.

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Cleanbake Tücher für Absetzkipptrögel
Cloths for long tilting devices

Fast and hygienic feeding of raw pieces of dough into steel-band and reverse tunnel ovens.

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Cleanbake Tücher für Kurzkipptrögel
Spare cloths for short tilting devices

Optimally suited for baking in conveyor ovens and reverse tunnel ovens as well as for loading oven chargers.

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Cleanbake Tücher für Einschiesskipptrögel
Cloths for deck oven tilting device

For classical roll production, with no dough sticking to the cloth.

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Liners for proofing baskets

Cleanbake Gärkörbcheneinlagen für Peddigrohr
Liners for proofing baskets and bannetons of natural rattan cane

Proofing with natural rattan cane material, dust-free and no sticking of dough pieces.

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Cleanbake Gärkörbcheneinlagen für Kunststoff Gärkörbchen
Liners for plastic proofing baskets and bannetons

The fermented bread will easily come loose from the proofing basket without generating flour dust.

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Cleanbake Gärkörbcheneinlage für lange Gärkörbchen und Sondermaße
Liners for proofing baskets and bannetons in your special sizes

You use special sizes? We manufacture cloth for proofing baskets and bannetons according to your specifications.

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Cleanbake Abdeckaube für Stikkenwagen
Cover caps for rack trolleys

Prevent drying out of dough pieces during cooling on rack trolley.

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Cleanbake Abdeckhaube für Gärwagen und Brotwagen
Covers for bread shelf trolleys

Hygienic and convenient cover for your bread on shelf trolley.

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Cleanbake Brotkesselabdeckung ohne Kessel
Bread tank covers & covers for dough tanks

Easily applicable stretched cloths for hygienic fermentation in bread and dough tank.

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Chutes & filter bags

Flour chutes & filter bags

The CLEANBAKE flour chute loosens up powdery bulk goods evenly. Excess flour is optimally collected in the CLEANBAKE filter bag.

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Bannetons & proofing baskets of natural rattan cane

Bannetons and proofing baskets of natural materials

Our bannetons and proofing baskets make the perfect bread loaf. They are made from natural rattan cane from the trunk of the rattan palm tree (calamus).

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Custom-made products

CLEANBAKE made-to-measure

Baking processes in bakery also require individual solutions. For this reason, our bakery accessories are also available in custom-made sizes. We would be pleased to give you advice.

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